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The Cliff of 2013

Here are two links to outline the real and potential tax increases in 2013. Obamacare: Impact on Taxpayers The Fiscal Cliff: A Primer

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The myth of the 0% capital gains rate.

Congress passed a tax law that made capital gains tax free for those whose taxable income results in their taxes being taxed at less than 25 percent. However [..]

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The debt limit increase makes things worse

Increasing the debt limit does not solve the debt crisis, it exacerbates it. Next year this time the US debt will be north of $16 trillion and we [..]


The Demolition of Building 60 in Camarillo

from Rubin Sanchez; Hello all Now we know the fate of building 60, other wise known as the back plant. It’s being torn down as we speak. I [..]


Minnesota Gasoline Tax Rates

Here is the rate increase table for MN gasoline taxes for vehicles; Date Increase ($) Total ($) Pct Increase (%) original NA 0.200 NA 04-01-2008 0.020 0.220 10.0 [..]

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Roth IRA’s are not what you might expect

Retirees are often lured into a Roth IRA. The idea of not paying an income tax on withdrawals is almost irresistible. I had the same thought my self [..]

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Doing the Math on Social Security COLA and Medicare Insurance Premiums

For retiree Social Security provides a significant source of income for most recipients. But the lack of cost of living adjustments for two years running, and the ever [..]

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