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The Demolition of Building 60 in Camarillo

from Rubin Sanchez; Hello all Now we know the fate of building 60, other wise known as the back plant. It’s being torn down as we speak. I [..]


Minnesota Gasoline Tax Rates

Here is the rate increase table for MN gasoline taxes for vehicles; Date Increase ($) Total ($) Pct Increase (%) original NA 0.200 NA 04-01-2008 0.020 0.220 10.0 [..]

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Roth IRA’s are not what you might expect

Retirees are often lured into a Roth IRA. The idea of not paying an income tax on withdrawals is almost irresistible. I had the same thought my self [..]

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Doing the Math on Social Security COLA and Medicare Insurance Premiums

For retiree Social Security provides a significant source of income for most recipients. But the lack of cost of living adjustments for two years running, and the ever [..]

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